for Ordering


First Time Patients:

You will need a valid form of ID, and matching valid Doctor’s recommendation card or cert for delivery. You may text a copy of both directly to 424-395-9737 or you may follow instructions below for online registration. 

  • Please browse the menu and add your selections to the cart. After you have finished browsing, Press the shopping icon in the upper screen corner to “Checkout”, and review your order.
  • After reviewing your order, you will then be prompted to enter delivery and medical recommendation information.
  • Once your info is submitted, we will call you confirm the details and time of delivery. Please read below for collective policies and guidelines.

Returning Patients:

For regular drop-off delivery,  Text us your order directly or submit online by logging in to use the cart. You may also request an In-House Visit, Please contact Jolly Leaf to pre-schedule a time for our visit.  

  • Email us your order to
  • Submit your order through our website. After check out, you will be prompted to log in with your username and password. Visit Menu
  • Text/Call us directly with your order at 424.395.9737.



How does it work?

Jolly Leaf offers you a safe, positive, and rewarding solution for your medical needs. Delivery is free to your location and no tip is required however there is a minimum to order depending on location. As a new patient, you may request a drop-off delivery to your location. You will need a valid medical recommendation, valid matching identification, and a valid address to register. Once info and order have been confirmed, we will contact you to coordinate a time to meet.  As a returning patient, you have the option for drop-off delivery, or to pre-schedule an appointment to see the full menu during an in-house delivery. All donations earn you points that may be redeemed for free flowers or concentrates on future visits. Please refer to the instructions in the section above to get started.


It’s my first time ordering, do I get a free gift?

Jolly Leaf currently provides free gifts with minimum delivery for all first-time California resident patients with your first delivery. Gift items may vary depending on availability, and your minimum is based on delivery distance. Jolly Leaf also credits you for all your donations & referrals with free medicine that you may redeem on future deliveries.


How do my reward points work?

Every dollar you donate within our collective earns you 1 point.  After 200 points you may redeem 2 grams of flower or one concentrate free. All first time patients receive 100 points free on top of the points they earn from the first time donation.


What are your operating hours and how may I contact you?

Jolly Leaf is open Monday – Saturday from 1pm till 10pm, & Sundays from 1pm till 8pm. You may call or text us anytime at 424 . 395 . 9737 or Email Us at You may leave us a message or pre-schedule delivery during off hours, and Jolly Leaf will follow up with you as soon as possible.


Do I need to see a Doctor first?

You’ll need to have a valid doctor’s recommendation. If you don’t have one, simply call us and we’ll guide you through the process.


Do I need to be a California resident to request delivery?

We welcome out of state patients however, you’ll need to have a valid ID that matches the name of your valid doctor’s medical recommendation, and be over 18 years of age.


Can you bring me a few things from the menu to browse?

All return patients are eligible to pre-schedule an “in-house visit”. One of our friendly drivers will bring you a selection of the menu to browse and get to know your medicine in the privacy of your own home. Minimum for service is usually $100, please contact us directly to schedule an appointment.


Do you do drop-offs to patients on the street, or deliver to public events or locations?

Your safety and privacy is our primary concern. We do not deliver or drop off on public streets, at public events, or public locations such as restaurants, malls, or parking lots. Delivery will be provided to an address listed upon registration which must be your private residence or the private location of your stay on the day of your delivery.


Do you deliver to individuals for recreational use?

We are a medical collective. If you do not have doctor’s recommendation, please contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.


How much is the minimum?

Our collective is based out of West Los Angeles, so the minimum first-time donation for our local “Drop-Off” service begins at $50. Minimum is calculated based on delivery distance. For return patients requesting to view the full menu with our local ” In-House” service, the minimum is usually $100.” Drop-off ” for returning patients is usually $40. Contact us if you are not in our area, and we can arrange a delivery for you.


Is there a fee for delivery? And what form of payment do you accept?

Delivery is absolutely free. There is No extra delivery fee and we kindly decline tips. Just pay for your medicine. Donations are accepted in the form of cash. Let us know if you need change for your delivery order so the driver may have that prepared for you.


Are your flowers organic?

All flowers are selected from farms that have been pre-screened and inspected. All flowers and concentrates come from organic farms and co-ops.


Will my delivery and my information be kept safe and confidential?

Your privacy and safety are paramount to us. Jolly Leaf will never release your information to any third parties, and will safely keep your information only for identification purposes on your future deliveries. Drivers arrive in normal clothing, in an unmarked vehicle, and strive to maintain your delivery to be as confidential and safe as possible. Delivery may be canceled at any time if delivery conditions are determined to compromise anyone’s safety and security.